- Your time is precious, our time is affordable. ™
Monthly Specials
Specials are good for new OR existing clients with a regular scheduled cleaning.  Specials are not eligible for 1-timecleanings.  Monthly Specials count toward a stamp on your Loyalty Card not to be confused with Ala Carte rooms.
Our monthly specials are different each month so look for:
* Refrigerator/Freezer Cleaning $22.50
* 15% off Cleaning Doors, Trim and Knobs
* 15% off Cleaning and Polishing Kitchen and/or
Bathroom Cupboard and Drawer Fonts
* 15% off Wet-Wiping (Cleaning) Blinds - slat-by-slat
* 15% off Cleaning Baseboards
Not Included in Loyalty Card Stamps
- Laundry Folding for $12 per Load
- Interior Window Cleaning (Not Tracks) $10 per Window
After we clean your home the first time, we take an inventory of your blinds/shutters, doors, cupboards/drawers and baseboard condition.  Every time we clean your home, we leave a Monthly Special card which includes a price specific to your home based on our inventory.   When you want to add one of our Monthly Specials, call/text/email us for scheduling.

February Special - Save 15% off the cleaning of your doors, trim and knobs.Details are important.April Special - Save 15% off the cleaning of your blinds; slat-by-slat.  We will wet wipe/clean each slat. Details are important.May Special - Save 15% off the cleaning of your baseboards - dusting or wet-wiped. Details are important.June Special - $17.50 for the detailed cleaning of your sliding glass door.  This includes the glass, the frame, the track and the handle. Details are important.July Special -  $22.50 Refrigerator Cleaning. Details are important.August Special -  Save 15% off the cleaning of your doors, trim and knobs.Details are important.September Special -  Save 15% off the cleaning of your exterior kitchen cupboards doors and drawer fronts. Details are important.For the first time ever, we announce the PICK YOUR SPECIAL special.  You can choose any additional service for 15% off - that's right, ANY additional ala carte service!January Special - $22.50 Refrigerator Cleaning. Details are important.We reserve the right to change, substitute or omit any offer
prior to the 1st of the up coming monthly special. 
Senior (62+) Discount Program
We understand that many seniors are on a fixed income and can use a little extra help around the house.  We are offering a 10% discount to all seniors (62+) on any cleaning service we offer.  Let Final Touch Housekeeping put the final touch on your home because your time is precious, and our time is affordable. ™  You don't have anything to lose and so much to save.
Military Personnel Discount Program
We are also affiliated with Cleaning for Heroes and the Wounded Warrior Project as a very small token of our appreciation to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom and our lives.
Referral Bonus Program
How would you like to save $20, $40, $60 or more on your monthly cleaning bill?  It's easy!  Just refer your friends, family and neighbors to use Final Touch Housekeeping. The person you refer must tell us DURING THE BID that you referred them for you to qualify for the referral bonus.  We will send you a short e-mail telling you we are scheduled to do a bid for your referral.  After they have paid for TWO cleanings (whole or half), you will receive a credit on your next bill in increments of $20 per referral.  You don't have anything to lose and so much to SAVE! 
Discount Disclosure
We are more than happy to offer discounts to our new OR existing clients.  All regular clients are eligible to receive the Monthly Specials and Referral Bonuses. However only one discount will be applied and may not be combined with any other discount.  Weekly clients are eligible for discounted regular cleaning services and are eligible for the monthly specials.  You (if eligible) can only receive a weekly discounted rate, a senior discount OR the military discount, but not any combination of the three discounts.  However you could receive the weekly discounted rate AND a referral bonus!!