- Your time is precious, our time is affordable. ™
One-Time Cleans
We have streamlined our process and our pricing for all move-in,  move-out, or one-time, and party cleanings while putting you in complete control.  We no longer need to come out to bid your cleaning.  We charge $40.00 per man hour which is $80.00 per clock hour.  Every team is a team of 2 cleaners.  For every clock hour you receive TWO man hours of cleaning.  
You can cap the time spent cleaning and the money you will spend on your cleaning.   We let you determine the priority list of what items or areas you want cleaned first down to what items or areas you want cleaned last.    We work very hard on your priority list, trying to complete it entirely in the time permitted.  After all, it is your money.  Shouldn't you get EXACTLY what you want?
For hourly jobs, we charge from the time we arrive on the job, which includes unloading our supplies and equipment from our vehicle, to the time we have finished cleaning, including loading our supplies and equipment back into our vehicle.  Payment can be made through PayPal or with cash.  We do not accept checks for one-time cleans. 
Scheduling is very easy.  Call us with the date you need your cleaning completed.  We will arrive as early as possible on that date and get to work exceeding your expectations.
Items to consider with your one-time cleaning
In addition to the regular tasks like bathrooms, kitchen, and flooring, we have found that many clients forget to add the items below when preparing their priority list.
  • Interior of the refrigerator
  • Oven wipe-out (if you ran the self-clean previously)
  • Interior of your cupboards and drawers in your kitchen and/or bathrooms
  • Baseboards dusted or scrubbed
  • Blinds dusted or scrubbed
  • Doors/molding/handles cleaned
  • Window tracks
We can do as much or as little as you want and you control the budget.  When you are ready to schedule your one-time cleaning, click here to request a date and time range.  You just need to provide us with an entry method and payment before services are rendered.