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Our Company Policies and Procedures
We take the business of cleaning your home very serious.  Your home is likely to be the single most expensive investment you will make in a single purchase.  We understand the level of trust needed to form a long standing, business relationship.  Our Policies and Procedures are very detailed and lengthy.  For that reason alone, we will provide you a copy of our Policies and Procedures in our Welcome Packet when we provide you a FREE, in home, bid. 
Our Privacy Policy
Final Touch Housekeeping respects the privacy of our customers as well as the privacy of those who may be potential customers. Final Touch Housekeeping will not sell or share any information received from clients or potential clients with any third parties, except as is required to provide the services contracted, or, as required by law, without our clients' permission.
Check Acceptance
No Payment Policy 
Required Disclosure
We are happy to accept your check as payment for your cleaning services.  We realize that mis-calculations happen and there could be a time when you accidentally "bounce" a check.  If this happens to you, we will allow you to replace your check with another check and will add a $30 NSF Fee to the replacement amount.
If you intentionally bounce a check or write a check on a closed account, be advised we send all un-collectible checks to NorthStar for collection.  They purchase the check from us at face value plus our fees, add their fees and collect from YOU.
In the event that your check is returned unpaid and no effort is made to correct the unpaid check or unpaid invoice in excess of 30 days overdue or not paid by the end of the year (whichever occurs first), for services rendered, you authorize NorthStar and/or its assignees the right to contact you via any number available to us, as needed, to collect any unpaid balance.
  • We may re-present your check electronically or by paper-draft.
  • A service charge for the maximum amount allowed by state law will be assessed, along with any other allowable state fees.
  • Your check may or may not be provided to you with your bank statement, but a copy can be retrieved by contacting your financial institution.
  • Signature of your check constitutes acceptance of these terms.
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