Final Touch Housekeeping - Even a neat freak needs a final touch! ™
We have received a large number of referrals, recommendations and compliments.  We appreciate all of the referrals, recommendations and comments we have received.  We know that our attention to details and our guarantee makes the difference.  Thank you for all of your kind words!
"I am absolutely loving your service, and I completely heart your's obvious they work hard to get everything just right, and then leave notes to communicate the day's happenings!  It's awesome!"
Kristi - Aurora, CO
"I believe that this is the best gift that I can give my children as this allows me to focus on them.  When my oldest daughter comes home on cleaning day, she runs upstairs to see how "the ladies" arranged her stuffed animals on her bed this week.  I have been so thrilled with the service, that even when I faced the possibility of loosing my job, I cut back in other places rather than cancel their service."
Tonya - Aurora, CO
"OMG!  I am so excited about my house right now!  I have never seen it that clean. First of all those toilets have had those stains since I moved in. I have tried to get them off for years with all kinds of chemicals with no success. I feel like you installed new toilets they are so clean!  I also dropped some brown paint in one while cleaning up after painting the nursery and that has been on there for months. I thought the paint was just a new fixture but now that is gone too!  The top of the fridge is goes on and on!  It is day 2 now and I just keep telling my husband how excited I am!  We never use our front door and yesterday I went out to get a package and noticed you cleaned our front porch!  Are you kidding me!  I could not be more happy!!!"
Jennifer- Englewood, CO
“The level of service at Final Touch Housekeeping is fantastic. Having been a customer for over a year, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff of Final Touch Housekeeping. Thank you!”
Jeremy - Aurora, CO
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Final Touch Housekeeping was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Frances - Aurora, CO
“After years of having one individual or another clean my home, I am so happy I have found Final Touch Housekeeping.  The ladies are always on time, leave my home amazingly clean, and care for my belongings as if they were their own.  I truly appreciate your attention to detail.  Your monthly Report Card is so original.  Thank you so much!”
Joyce - Parker, CO
"I was so impressed when Michelle and Becky showed up to give me a FREE bid!  They handed me a welcome package complete with their monthly specials, standard hit list, certificate of liability insurance and their policies and procedures.  I knew exactly what to expect.  My job is to find "talent," and I found that talent with Final Touch Housekeeping.”
Jenny - Parker, CO
"You guys did a fantastic job. I look forward to having you clean again. Do you go to Highlands Ranch? I know someone who is interested."
Cliff - Parker, CO
"Michelle has been cleaning my home now for close to a year. She is extremely into the details and I appreciate knowing that my home doesn’t just “appear” clean when I walk in, but when I actually look for the nitty gritty things, she has done those too! I highly recommend Final Touch Housekeeping to all my friends. And on top of it, her prices BLOW away the others I had give me estimates. I feel like I found a REAL gem in Final Touch Housekeeping."
Chris - Elizabeth, CO
"Michelle, you and your crew rock!  My home is beautiful!  I've tried others, but your crew is by far the best.  Seriously, I've had others where the 1st cleaning is great and then it goes down from there.  Yours seems to just get better.  You have a great team!"
Tom - Castle Rock
"I just LOVE coming home to a clean house!  My team is the best and I appreciate all the hard work they do in my home.  I appreciate having time to spend with my kids without feeling like I am slacking on my cleaning responsibilities.  Family time is precious!! I really am able to BUY time and I love Final Touch Housekeeping!"
Kelly - Highlands Ranch