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Touch Zones Introduction
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Touch Zones Introduction

De-cluttering Tips and Tricks

De-cluttering Tips and Tricks
Details are important.De-cluttering is the first thing you have to do before you can begin maintaining in any Touch Zone.  When you de-clutter, think in terms of throw away, give away and put away.  We still want you to spend just 15-20 minutes in each area of the Touch Zones but not more than 20 minutes.  Don’t forget to set a timer so you will stop at your time limit.
We suggest getting a trash bag, and 2 boxes labeled give away and put away.  We are GREEN and suggest using a fabric box with handles on the side instead of a cardboard box, but you should use what you have just to get started.

Touch Zones Introduction

Details are important.
Touch Zones
Our clients ask us all the time if we have any tricks or tips on organizing our homes.  Everyone has those one or two areas that are a growing monster.  We have taken a look at how we keep our homes.  We have learned from organizing professionals what their tips and tricks are but we have modified them to fit our personal needs.  After having our friends try our Touch Zones, we believe we have found the magic combination. 
We have taken your entire hrouse and have divided it into 5 Touch Zones plus a Monthly Monster.